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Karen Taylor Gallery Exhibitions

Our next exhibition is called 'Living London' and all the work has been chosen to show how the city of London continues to inspire.

Love it, or hate it, it is not possible to become blasé about living in London. It is a city with an enormous heart; it is one of the most cultured and beautiful cities in the world, with a wealth of galleries, museums, theatres and concert halls. The elegant architecture of our historic buildings, the dynamic diversity of the people living and working together in one of the busiest, most cosmopolitan cities in the world.

Let's Celebrate
Let's Celebrate by Olga Brown

There is much to be proud of and to celebrate in our 24-hour city as it hums and teems with life. It is a city that constantly energises her people by day and revitalises them by night. A city that inspires creativity in all walks of life, from technology to music, fashion and art.

We have brought together the artists we consider to be among the top inspirational talents in the art world today. Each of them excited, invigorated and inspired by London and the symbolism of our beautiful city.

Dates: 31st of March
Extended to the 5th of May

Location: 44 Saint Peter's Street, Islington, London N1 8JT...Tel: 020 7704 8097


Currently exhibiting in Old Beaconsfield, UK

Kieran Crowder
Graziano Parletta
Jo Kay
Lorraine Thorne
Kath Henderson
Louise Kois

Below are a few of our past exhibitions:

John Lennon

Drawings and Prints

John began drawing long before he owned a guitar.   He attended the prestigious Liverpool Art Institute for three years (1957-1960) before the Beatles became a full-time occupation and he continued to draw throughout his life.   His drawings are whimsical yet poetic, a true reflection of the man himself.   His primary medium was line drawing, either in pen, pencil, or Japanese sumi ink.  

Limited edition prints from the ‘Real Love’ and ‘Dakota Building’ collections will be available.  The lithographs, serigraphs, and copper etchings are hand-reproduced from the original drawings and each edition comes with a certificate of authenticity from the Lennon Estate.  

Lennons work is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. 

Please click for more Lennon images

A Monkey Chattering


Sebastian Kruger

Sebastian Krüger was born in Hamlin, Germany in 1963. He studied painting and graphic arts and quickly moved on to make his living as an illustrator, and painter.

Krüger’s works are appreciated and collected by many Hollywood notables, and his painterly twists on Bogart, Schwarzenegger John Wayne, The Rolling Stones, are classics of their kind.

Never before has an artist displayed such an acute ability to capture the essence of those who occupy the public eye.

Perhaps Krüger's most remarkable talent is his ability to bring diverse painting techniques and styles to a given subject. Krüger's works range from drawings, to abstract paintings and photo-realism, and he has mastered each difficult variant with remarkable skill.

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Mick with Wasp

The Good

Summer Show
~ Selected Artists

Our Exhibition throughout July and August will include works from selected artists, some of whom have exhibited with us before while others are new to the Gallery.

With a variety of seasons and themes; dramatic landscapes, minimalist snowscapes, evocative seascapes; sensuous figures, abstract compositions and a contemporary twist on the traditional still life.
We are certain there will be something for everyone.

Regular Exhibitors
Suzanne Partridge
Mark Demsteader
Amanda Bowes
Mary Jane Alexander
Jo Last
Deborah Donnelly

New Artists
Victoria Hunt
Tamsin Pearson
Beth Wintgens
Ewa Czarniecka
Fiona Denning
Gareth Kemp
Kerrie McGibbon
Ken Laidlaw
Clare St. Aubyn

Ewa Czarniecka


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Peter Ind ~ Solo Exhibition
Artist, Jazz Musician, Author and Environmentalist

We are delighted to be exhibiting Peters new work. Peter Ind has lived in St. Margaret's for many years and if you have ever shopped here you might have seen him. In fact you cannot miss him – he has long flowing white hair and a beard to match. “The Gandalf of the double bass” as David Calder once described him.

Peter has painted since he was a child and has exhibited at the Royal Academy of Art in London. He has honed his talents over the years with an unrelenting passion, painting the landscape wherever he happens to be in the world. He remembers being so inspired by Van Gogh, that he drove an old scooter across Europe and went to paint in Arles (twice!).

Please contact the gallery for more information

Please click here for more images

Australian Bush
Australian Bush
Peter Ind

Red Gallery Celebration

A celebration of 10 years promoting, selling and curating International contemporary art curated by Micky Middleton

Paintings: Frances Ackland-Snow, Robin Eckahardt, Paul Lemmon, Fiona Morley, Garry Raymond-Pereira MA, Tom Scalon, Alexander Smith & Penny Warden.

Sculptures: Stanley Dove, Daren Greenhow, Ottmar Hörl, Cat James MA, Sam Loggie, Mark Upton

Please click here for a selection of the artists work

Mother & Child
Mother & Child
Bronze Resin Edition of 7/ 20. .27cm tall
Stanley Dove

he Royal Society of British Artists
~Selected Members~

This exhibition brings together no fewer than 12 members of the Royal Society of British Artists whose work has already won international acclaim.

Paintings by: Romeo di Girolamo, Judith Gardner, Peter Kelly, Bridget Moore, Jacqueline Rizvi, Nick Tidman, David Eustace, Tom Wanless and Michael Grey-Jones.

Sculptures by:
Guy Portelli, Anna Lever and Megan di Girolamo. .

Hilltop Farm
Hilltop Farm
by Tom Wanless

Spring Show "Selected Artists"

Stephanie Andrew
Bob Broadley
Jo Kay
Inna Korelskaia
Graziano Parletta
Al Saralis
Lorraine Thorne
Orla Walsh
Roy White


Rubber Duck Ketchup
Rubber Duck Ketchup
by Orla Walsh

February ~ Frank Taylor - Travels

Frank Taylor has had more than twenty-five solo shows in London and the South of England. He works in a variety of painting media and his subjects are drawn from observation, memory and imagination. Many images are based upon memories of travels.

Having studied Fine Art at Bucks, Cardiff and Brighton Colleges of Art, Frank worked as an illustrator and graphic designer for several years. He held senior posts at Amersham School of Art and Salisbury College of Art, and was an external moderator at Kingston College and Chelsea School of Art. He left Salisbury College, where he ran the Department of Fine Art & Graphics, in 1989 in order to travel and pursue his career as a painter.

For more images, please click here


Centro Storico
Centro Storico
101 x 101cm
Acrylic on Canvas

December ~ The Christmas Exhibition

The gallery is always full of absolutely stunning work for the Christmas mixed exhibition. From the wonderful, stylish abstracts by Suzanne Partidge, to the gorgeous, collectable ceramics by Christine Cummings.

Gloucester Old Spot
Gloucester Old Spot

Christine Cummings


Weave Time
Weave Time
Oil on Board

Suzanne Partridge

October ~ Mike Read Choc Art

We are delighted to launch Mike Read's first exhibition of art prints. All work has been originated in chocolate and sweets.

A limited number of high definition prints have been produced from the originals and will be on sale during the exhibition.

For more images, please click here

Mike Read

Abbey Road
Abbey Road by Mike Read
Limited Edition Print

A percentage of sales from this exhibition will be donated to the children's charity REACT.
Please follow this link to find out more:


July ~ Jo Kay Solo


We are proud to present a Solo Show of new work by Jo Kay. Kay is one of England’s most loved contemporary female painters, her work has great depth and intrigue. Her technique of layering the paint, often obscuring and sometimes revealing conveys a sense of time and emotion. Her work attracts collectors throughout the world and her career continues to flourish. For further information, please contact the gallery.

For more images of work available, please click here

The Keeper of Secrets
The Keeper of Secrets I

A Time and a Place
A Time and a Place I


Tea for Two
Tea for Two

May ~ Ronnie Wood Paint it Black

For more images of the work available, please click here

To read Karen's conversation with Ronnie, please click here

Ronnie Wood in the studio
Ronnie Wood

Ronnie Wood Wild Horses
Wild Horses by Ronnie Wood
Limited Edition Print


Ronnie Wood Dylan

Dylan by Ronnie Wood
Limited Edition Print


April ~ Selected Artists
Penny Warden Dancer 1
Dancer I by Penny Warden
Oil on Canvas
Penny Warden Dancer II
Dancer II by Penny Warden
Oil on Canvas
45cm x 100cm

Rebecca Faulding
.Rebecca Faulding . Rebecca Faulding
Kneeling Figures by Rebecca Faulding
Triptych ~ Oil on Flax
Each panel measures 15cm x 15cm
Kieran Crowder Blissful
Kieran Crowder
Oil on Linen
82cm x 82cm
Kieran Crowder Rosa
Kieran Crowder
Oil on Linen

Henrie Haldane City Skies
City Skies
Henrie Haldane
Oil on Canvas
91cm x 91 cm

Henrie Haldane River Through
River Through the City
Henrie Haldane
Oil on Canvas
122cm x 122cm

Jan Coutts Evening Leap
Evening Leap
Jan Coutts
Oil & Gold Leaf on Canvas

Jan Coutts Karatu
Karatu Cracked Earth
Jan Coutts
Oil & Gold Leaf on Canvas
51cm x 76cm

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