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Parletta, Graziano
New Work  

Graziano was born in London in 1964 of Italian parents. He studied architecture and furniture design at Westminster University.

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75 South Audley Street
Acrylic on Canvas

Graziano Parletta The Last Routemaster
The last Routemaster across Westminster Bridge
Acrylic on Board
106cm x 90cm
Graziano Parletta Post box
Acrylic on Canvas
118cm x 98cm

Graziano Parletta Ariel View of London Eye
Ariel View of the London Eye
Acrylic on Canvas
120cm x 100cm

Graziano Parletta View from Tate Modern
View from Tate Modern, Millennium Bridge & St. Pauls
Acrylic on Board
118cm x 92cm

Graziano Parletta Buses

Buses on the Stand, London
Oil on Canvas

Graziano Parletta Oxford Street

Oxford Street ~ Circa 1968
Oil on Canvas

Graziano Parletta St. Paul's
St. Paul's
Oil on Canvas
61cm x 92cm

Graziano Parletta Interior 1



Graziano Parletta Richmond Bridge
Richmond Bridge


Graziano Parletta View Across Richmond Bridge

View across Richmond Bridge


Graziano Parletta Greenwich and Docklands

Greenwich & Docklands


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