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Ottey, Piers


Central Reservation
Central Reservation
53" x 63"

Born in London, Piers trained at Chelsea School of Art in the 1970's. He has been painting ever since.

Painting mostly in oils, his subject matter has often been influenced by his travels to Greece, Spain, France and Denmark but he always returns to painting from the human form. Piers' work is very personal. There is a mischievous quality in most of his paintings, sometimes subversive. Chairs may only have three legs, a Model only one eye and then there is the issue of the 'code' of colours often seen around the edge of his canvasses. These form a diary; a record of all the colours used to make the image and in the order they were made and used.

End of the line, Zermatt
End of the Line, Zermatt
36 " x 66"

"Piers Ottey's blunt, uncompromising images are extremely powerful"

Peter Burton - Art Review

Matterhorn Summit
Matterhorn Summit
36 " x 36"

The Journey from London Fields


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