Celia Wilkinson

Celia Wilkinson completed her Foundation and BA Hons Fine Art at Central St. Martins in London in 1989.

“My new paintings are a response to living on the Isle of Wight, where I moved to 10 years ago from London. Having painted fish for 14 years, which I exhibited widely, the urge to paint the landscape around me became too great.

I live on the southern tip of the Island, which is very wild and unspoilt, you can almost feel the presence of dinosaurs! In contrast, my studio is about a mile away on the other side of the village, where the landscape is more tame and cultivated.
The coastal areas along the south of the Island are constantly changing as the land shifts and chunks fall off, due to natural erosion. I particularly like the winter with its skeletal trees, blood-red skies, wild seed heads, etc; there is a brutality about it, a sense of being against the elements.

In this new body of work, I have tried to capture the contrast between the untameable and tamed landscapes and of the seasonal changes. I walk my dogs morning and evening through this landscape and my paintings are very much a personal response rather than representations of actual places. I paint mainly from memory, which allows me to draw on my subconscious, consequently they are affected by my mood, as well as that of the place, at the time of painting.”

Exhibitions include the Royal Academy Summer Show, Royal College, Tate Bankside Browser, Affordable Art Fairs in London and Australia.