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10 Years at Red , curated by Micky Middleton
at the Karen Taylor Gallery in St. Margaret's

1st May-31st May 2008

Private View, Thursday 1st May 6-9pm
If you would like an invitation to this exhibition please contact the gallery.


Frances Ackland

Born: 1975
Education: BA (Hons) Fine Art Painting, Brighton University

I specialised in painting at Brighton University graduating in 1997 with a First Class Degree in Fine Art Painting. I then worked as a scenic artist for the BBC for three years. These formative years allowed me to embrace many different techniques and mixed - media, which has enriched my art into a unique style. The paintings are a romantic response to the scenery surrounding us, transforming them into the surreal and exploring the mystery and emotion that lies beneath.

Born - 1980
Education -BA (Hons) Fine Art
Bath Spa University College

Robin’s paintings are contemporary, abstract mixed media, inspired by the first ten years of her life in the Caribbean, where the memories of vibrant colours and an idyllic life style have remained with her. This has developed through extensive years of study, but has always come quite instinctively. Through constant working and reworking she is able to create an impressive affinity between the buildings, the people and the painting. The result is a fusion of movement and spirit in each piece.

Robin Eckahardt

Paul Lemmon

Born - 1968
Paul is a self-taught artist and has painted in various different media for most of his life, having worked as a graphic designer for over ten years. His work is about capturing "the moment" within the context of nightlife and social interaction which could be termed the "snap shot aesthetic". His work is intended to have a cinematic feel and is influenced by media, fashion and advertising. The angle and cropping lend a sexual, voyeuristic undertone to the scenes which he hopes also adds to their intrigue and narrative quality.

Born - 1974
Education - School of Sculpture, Edinburgh College of Art : BA Hons Sculpture

My work is a three dimensional interpretation of drawing. I am interested in the body’s endless complexity and try to convey a different persona in each creation. The human form is transient and ultimately fragile, the web like weave of wire is able to communicate this nature. Lines in wire, and the corresponding shadows they throw, bring an ethereal element to the subject. This further conveys the delicateness of the form.

Fiona Morley

Garry Raymond-Pereira MA

Born - 1974
Education - Norwich School of Art and Design : Fine Art

“It is Garry’s analytical confidence that makes him an open and shut case as an artist. It’s his scrutiny that’s crucial, that exact and intelligent grasp and judgement of the ends and means of paint, its vast suggestiveness. That, and a longing for conclusion and grace, is what these paintings are made of. They are arguably the most pictorially forceful and powerful stuff that you’ve seen in a long time.” - Mike Wiley.

Born - 1963
Member of the Society of Scottish Artists (SSA)

”The paintings/images that attract me are the ones which are not immediately accessible to the eye. Ones in which a little mystery lies behind in terms of technique or form. In order to achieve such an effect I have abandoned brushes and use only a palette knife. I try to capture the complexity and beauty of the built environment in this manner. The result is a highly textured painting consisting of both magnitude and direction, almost 3D.”

Tom Scalon

Alexander Smith

Born - 1968
Education: Academy for the Arts, Arnhem, The Netherlands, BA (Hons) Fine Art

In Smith's work 'Conceptions', we see that the artist’s method of leaving out figurative elements leaves us with an exceptionally abstracted image. The branches sometimes seem to be characterised in a deathly or wintry fashion by the absence of leaves, buds, flowers or fruit. This starkness suggests a strong feeling of melancholy in so many of his works.

Born: 1956
Education: Westminster College Oxford, BA Theology

Penny paints her images with a maximum of spontaneity and energetic expression. This sense of movement and vibrancy, which is Penny ’s trademark, is especially evident in her oil paintings of ballet dancers. In 2004 as a ‘rising artist’, Penny was chosen to exhibit her work in St Paul’s Cathedral alongside Tracy Emin and other prominent artists, in an innovative and exciting national exhibition called “Presence: Images of Christianity for the Third Millennium.”

Penny Warden


Stanley Dove

Born - 1931
Education - Camden Arts Centre : Drawing and sculpture
Working medium - Bronze sculpture

Stanley has exhibited widely throughout the UK and Europe including the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts. To celebrate the year 2000, Stanley created a giant version of the apocalypse horseman, which he sculpted with flammable materials reaching over 12ft tall. This outstanding sculpture was burnt on New Millennium eve in North Devon and is registered as one of the UK Millennium Beacons.

Education: University of West London, BSc Chemistry
Working medium: Recycled materials

Creation and innovation have been my life long passions, both of which are expressed strongly in my metal sculptures. These are original, unique, intriguing and always immediately identifiable as my work. I enjoy the challenge of reinterpreting everyday objects and presenting them in unexpected, sometimes surprising, contexts.

Daren Greenhow

Ottmar Hörl

Born - 1950, Nauheim
Education: 1975 - 79 studied at the College of Fine Arts, Frankfurt
1979 - 81 College of Fine Arts, Dusseldorf, Prof. Klaus Rinke
1992 - 93 Guest professor at the Technical University of Graz
1994 The Berlin Academy presented him with its Architectural Award
1997 Art Multiple Prize in Dusseldorf
1998 Darmstadt Art Award



Born - 1978
Education - University of Portsmouth, BA (Hons) Art, Design and Media, MA Fine Art


Cat James MA

Sam Loggie

Born - 1965
Education - Slade School of Arts (UCL) : BA (Hons) Fine Art
Working medium - Bronze resin sculpture

Her distinctive way of modelling the surface of the clay imbues her work with movement and character - and her specialisation in strong female and male figurative studies, although Classical in inspiration, are also suitable for a contemporary environment.





Born - 1968
Education - Loughborough University
Working medium - sculptures in bronze

Mark Upton

created for the Karen Taylor Gallery by Alien Monkey

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